Rest In Peace, Judith

Posted on May 3, 2012 in me

Jan brought us together and when we met, we couldn’t understand why we hadn’t before (we had another mutual friend, I guess he thought we wouldn’t get along). Instant friends, we had a crazy night at Le Klub, but then didn’t see each again for awhile. That’s just how it was. She was sweet and funny and had a gentle soul. I loved getting her calls out of the blue, she’d babble on and on about anything and everything, then apologise and I’d insist that she shouldn’t. She wasn’t very reliable. She loved her friends passionately and she knew that with her, they had to put up with alot. I hated hearing about her last moments. I walked through the forest this afternoon, there was a girl ahead of me with beautiful long orange hair (or maybe I just imagined she did?), the sun was shining its rays down on her and she glowed. I hope you’ve found peace, Judith xxx