Reasons to be cheerful

Posted on Jan 29, 2012 in me

As I ran in the forest, cursing the powers that be for locking us out of our apartment for a second time within three weeks, I became aware of the very real Wintery appearance the forest had taken on. The grey sky, the trees with very little leaf coverage and the muddy ground with wet puddles on the verge of freezing over and the fellow joggers and walkers all rugged up to protect against the crisp biting cold. As I continued, I spotted the colours of ‘tent city’ (that’s the name I gave it) , the sparse foliage now making it easy to see the homeless community who make the forest their home, through all seasons. They have the right to be there, the government allows it. For the most part they live peacefully amongst each other and keep to themselves aways from the society that uses the forest for leisure.

I thanked my stars for:

Even having a home to get locked out of.
Financial security.
My clients for placing faith in my skills and services.
My brother for helping me get kicked started.