A surreal walk through the Bois de Vincennes.

Posted on Jan 6, 2012 in Life in France

Tonight I walked the long way to pick up Oliver from school, following the river through the forest. The song JF and I got married to accompanied me on the ipod ( 4 years today I love you immensely x) The sky was bright and there were beautiful streaks of peach, crimson and red cloud. The moon was crisp and almost full – it sat like a giant silver disc against a dark blue night and I could see part of the man in it. I was cold, my nose was frozen but, I was happy to be there.

A little hunched back lady walked towards me approaching from a path opposite, about 50 meters to my left. As I watched her the sky filled with ravens, they settled around her on the ground and the trees above her. As she continued walking, they stayed behind and started crowing. She turned and yelled something to them, I couldn’t quite make out what she said. It was a bizarre sight.

I came to the Lac Dausmenil with about 15 minutes to spare and I sat in the light of the moon and watched a second hunched back lady feeding breadcrumbs to about a dozen white swans. She was taunting them in French. Swans are feisty and they fought each other for their share of bread.  Lac Dausmenil is magic. I have a short video of it I will post it maybe.

I was late to pick up Oliver. We came home, he played Skylanders while I cooked and he then fell asleep at the table whilst we ate dinner.

We are both still jet lagged.

The song JF and I got married to Awakening of a Woman by Cinematic Orchestra