Who am I?

Posted on Dec 28, 2010 in me

Rachel in Paris

Rachel Myers-Calvo, living in Paris, France with child and husband.

I kept a diary from the age of 10 and a visual diary from about 16. In the last 5 years I have LOST them all and it is an X files mystery as to where they might be. I fret about them every so often.

The online diary or “blog” part of this site is a resource that I am using to record purely POSITIVE thoughts, so that I can refer back to them when I am feeling not-so-positive. It is also for imagery that I come across; a place to record inspiring artists and people. I’ll be documenting places I have been and exhibitions I have seen. Adventures and experiences, the ones I always have in memory but of which I always forget the finer details.

It’s also to display my own digital photo album which sits in a folder on my computer and is barely ever opened. Access to that will be password only – my birthdate in numbers.